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Tips to travel safely as a solo traveller

Travel - Jean Alcimar - February 19, 2023


Travelling is a dream for many people. Especially travelling alone. There is a certain joy in going to foreign places all on your own and exploring different cultures and tourist spots. Moreover, if you travel alone, you also get to spend time with yourself which can lead to massive personality growth. No one who has travelled along has regretted it. Hence travelling is a beneficial activity for development both mentally and physically.

However, as much as it sounds fun to travel on your own, it can also be risky if you do not adhere to taking precautions while travelling. This is because as a solo traveller, you are also exposing yourself to several risks that have harmful consequences. Therefore, we have compiled a list of tips that can help you in travelling safely while also enjoying your time to the fullest.


  • Try to stay connected – People must be aware of your whereabouts as you are travelling alone. Check beforehand if your destination has a network and if it does not, purchase a local SIM card to get a network. You can also rent phones and make your location available just in case of an emergency. It is also important to let others know about your travel plans to be confident in the fact that if something happens, there will be people who know about your location.
  • Keep your money and cards separate – Keep your cards and money in separate places to be sure that people will not target them together. There will be many shady people who you will encounter on your journeys. Therefore stash your money in your pockets and cards in your purse so that you do not lose both together. However, do not carry your passport everywhere. Bring a photocopy of the document with you and try leaving one with a family member back home.
  • Look up your destination – This is a great tip for solo travellers. Especially for women. Do some research on the place you are travelling to and then plan. If the crime rate seems high, then it is better to avoid that place. Pack in a way that there are fewer chances of anything important getting stolen. Moreover, pack as light as possible. Just take the essentials and be sure the doors of the room where you will be staying have locks. Ensure that your things are safe before venturing out.

These are a few tips to travel safely. Although there is some risk, it should not discourage you from going on an adventure alone.

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